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TABLE Ministries is not just another charity hoping to do good in the community.  We are ON A MISSION to START A MOVEMENT to acknowledge that homelessness does exist in our community and encourage the public to get involved in helping us change lives. 

Change happens when we start to care BUT caring means more than just feeling sorry for someone's situation.  Sympathy is great, BUT EMPATHY is the change we need from the community.  We need to STOP just feeling sorry for people and START putting ourselves in their shoes and ask ourselves questions like, "What would we do?", "Where would we go?" and "What would we need?"  Those are all questions our homeless need answers to.

No one has all the answers and we can't help everyone.  BUT we can begin to make a difference one change at a time.

That's why we launched our "Will Work for Change" Camaign.  Through this campaign we hope to RAISE AWARENESS in the community that we have an urgent issue that needs our immediate attention and action and to RAISE FUNDS to provide necessary supplies and services that our homeless can't provide for themselves during their current situation.  We want to offer hope and let our friends know that their current condition is not their life sentence.

Our efforts to RAISE AWARENESS include informational meetings, community events and public presentations.

Our efforts to RAISE FUNDS include community fundraisers, selling promotional items and handing out our change jars.

We need your support!  Please consider joining our efforts.  Help us help them by promoting our mission, buying our t-shirts and collecting change at home, work or within your community.

We're counting on small change adding up to make a big difference.