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We specialize in personal care.  We care about how our clients, look, smell and feel.  Personal care is NOT a luxury, BUT it’s one of the first things to go when a person’s basic necessitates of life are being threatened.  Food feeds the soul, but dignity feeds the spirit.  Delivering dignity is our gift to those who cannot provide these items for themselves.

Gifts of Dignity (GOD)
TABLE Ministries collects and distributes personal care products that help restore dignity and respect to our clients, including personal and feminine hygiene products, laundry & cleaning supplies, along with a host of essentials including outer wear, underwear and footwear.

Base Bags
Our base bags are Ziploc gallon bags filled with travel-size basic personal hygiene products that are gender and age specific.  These bags are given out to potential clients to help tide them over until we can meet and discuss their specific personal care needs.

Dignity Bags
Our dignity bags are tote bags or backpacks that are distributed to clients once we have had the opportunity to interview and determine their personal preferences and specific personal care needs.

Bargain Buddies
Because our ministry runs solely on donations, we are always looking for a bargain.  We have volunteers who are on-call to purposely purchase products for our clients, keeping in mind they’re personal preferences and specific personal care needs.  These volunteers have a passion for shopping with an eye for a good deal. 

Personal Care Pantry
Our personal care pantry is where we store our collected items.  Our pantry partners organize and manage these collections.