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“When someone knows your name you feel important but when someone knows your story you feel loved.” – Adam Duckworth

Sophia delivering a homemade meal to Sam & Lourdes Ponders.

Sam, a master craftsmen, who worked hard all his life, 15 years at one company, 12 years at another, would never have imagined he and his wife Lourdes would find themselves homeless.  But that’s exactly what happened when life as they knew it began to spiral out of control after Sam suffered a major medical emergency.  Sam was told by his doctors that he could no longer work because he was suffering from congestive heart failure.  At the same time Sam was experiencing his emergency, their landlord also suffered a medical emergency and was forced to sell his properties and move in with his children.  So now, Sam, Lourdes, their 3 teenage children and their dog were forced to find somewhere else to live.

They put all their belongings in storage, took all the savings they had and began their journey into this new stage of their lives.  They stayed with friends and family until they exhausted all their resources.  Then they moved into an extended stay hotel which quickly depleted whatever savings they had left.  They found themselves broke financially which forced them to break up as a family. Their children split up and went one way and their dog went another.

Suddenly, Sam and Lourdes found themselves at the mercy of their community.  This is when TABLE Ministries stumbled upon this lovely couple.  We were helping one of our community partners deliver food boxes to the extended stay where Sam and Lourdes was staying.  They didn’t need food because they were receiving food stamps.  However, they were in desperate need of hotel vouchers and personal care items.  We were not financially in a position to provide hotel vouchers, but we were able to provide them with personal care items, laundry supplies and a homemade meal.  All of which they were very appreciative of.

We befriended Sam and Lourdes and continue to follow them as they struggle through the trenches of homelessness.  Although they try hard to wake up every day hopeful of finding a solution to their situation, their daily struggles to meet their basic necessities of life leave them drained and empty by the end of each day.

We offer what we can, when we can using what we have to help lift their spirits, lighten their load and encourage them to stay strong and keep their faith.

I wish our story started and ended with Sam and Lourdes.  But unfortunately, they were just the beginning for us.  In just a matter of three weeks from our initial launch with the Co-Op, we acquired 30 individuals and families who, like Sam and Lourdes, found themselves at the mercy of the community, desperate for a hand-up while they tread through the trenches, fighting to keep their head above water.

It’s our hope that by sharing the stories of our clients, that the community will come to realize that even the smallest contributions can make the biggest difference in someone’s life. There’s never a shortage of resources needed to help provide for our friends and neighbors in need.  Like Dr. Seuss says, “To the world you may only be one person, but to one person, you may be their world.”

Please join us in making a difference in someone’s life.  Become a volunteer, a community partner, a sponsor or a donor.  It’s time to make yourself count!  We need you.  Your community needs you.  What can you bring to the table?

“We want to leave our community better than we found it." - Lisa Patterson, Founder